Sunday, May 23, 2010

To everything there is a season

T-minus two days until Phoenix! And only one day until Manchester.

Today is a lot of lasts. LOST, my favourite TV show in the entire world ends today after 6 wonderful years of the best writing on TV. (I was going to put up a clip but any clip from any season gives things away...). I was really sad about LOST ending, but it’s time.

I feel pretty much the same way about going home. I went to church today, (and was a little disappointed to find my semi-charismatic church rather tame on Pentecost Sunday, but no matter), and had a good cry with one of my English friends, and then Morgan and I went on a long last walk around the city walls and through the cathedral and down by the river and just sort of like said good bye to the city. I’ve been rather anxious the last few days about everything, but I just feel ready now. It’s time to face senior year, time to see my friends and family again, time to come home and process everything from the last five months.

Tonight it’s dinner at my pub with my friends, tomorrow is any last minute errands, and Tuesday is the start of the trip home.


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