Monday, May 10, 2010

Exciting things!

Hemel Hempstead



there sister. I put up another picture of fashion.

Happy mother’s day!

I now only post on holidays. Or whatever.

Well! Like I said, I DID EXCITING THINGS!!

Let’s start with last week.

I get to come home on the 26th for realsies!! That means, as of right this very second, there are 16 days until I am in the United States of AWESOME.

On Friday we went to the races. It. Was. Fantastic. It was one of my favourite things I’ve done here. It was sunny out, the race course was beautiful, and British people at their happiest. The races, in case you are unsure, consist of about 6 actual horse races but more importantly about 6 hours of betting, cocktails, and fancy dress, which coincidently are the three things people here love most in the world, after pubs and mushy peas. Which meant that everyone was happy and friendly! We talked to so many people and had tons of fun people watching, admiring fashion (and men), and cheering on the races. My friends even won some money! Woo!

Then yesterday, I hopped on a train southbound. I love trains. I love them. I don’t know if I’ve rambled about this yet, but trains are single handily the winner of best overall form of travel. Think about all the best things in a car trip. Now think about the best things with airplanes and airports. THAT’S A TRAIN RIDE. I will miss train stations the way most people miss Christmastime.

Well this train I was on brought me to a little city called Hemel Hempstead where I visited my best friend Sarah’s aunt and uncle and cousins, or as I like to call them (in my head), the OTHER Flynns. It was so so so lovely. I loved being around a family and pets, especially a family that weirdly mirrored my best friend and her family. We went to a barn dance, (you never know where being in a strange place will take you), watched some Friends, and generally had a happy evening. Then we went to church, hiked around this nearby National Trust allotment that was COVERED in Bluebells, and I hopped on a train back to the north. Overall, success I would say.

Next week, Ireland!


sansentities said...

Sarah! Trains are great! Definitely my favorite mode of transportation. This is a really fantastic blog. Glad you're enjoying yourself. Angry graders do not sound pleasant, though... I'm sorry, don't let that get to you, because you're obv a fab writer!

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